Preprint of illegal download paper available

Open Access is not a Panacea, even if it’s Radical – an Empirical Study on the Role of Shadow Libraries in Closing the Inequality of Knowledge Access. - Balazs Bodo, Daniel Antal, Zoltan Puha

The preprint of our paper with Balazs Bodo and Daniel Antal is available and have been submitted for peer review.

In this paper we take a look at the potential driving forces of illegal downloads - using a unique dataset of more than 2 million individual downloads. Any comments or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Personally, this paper is important to me for a couple of reasons. It started out as my MSc thesis and it is the single longest project that I have been involved (4 years+ and counting). This project gave me the first glimpse into how interconnected different fields are, how important knowledge of (for me) seemingly not useful tools are and I realized, that open-access knowledge does not really benefit those who we might initially think.

Zoltán Puha
Zoltán Puha
PhD student in Statistics/Data Science

I am an applied scientist at Zalando, working at the intersection of machine learning and economics. I am currently finishing my PhD dissertation in active learning and causal inference.