Zoltán Puha

Zoltán Puha

PhD student in Statistics/Data Science

JADS (Tilburg University)


Zoltán is a PhD at JADS under the supervision of Prof. Maurits Kapten and dr. Aurelie Lemmens. His main focus is on combining Active Learning and Causal Learning.


  • Active Learning
  • Bayesian Tree based methods
  • Reinforcement Learning


  • PhD in Statistics, 2018-

    Tilburg University

  • MSc in Economics, 2016

    University of Amsterdam

  • BA in Applied Economics, 2012-2015

    Eötvös Loránd University



Data Scientist

Dutch Analytics

Jul 2017 – Dec 2017 Delft, NL

Worked on Deep Learning for predictive maintenance

Responsibilities include:

  • Model building
  • Test case creation

Data Analyst


Jun 2016 – Jun 2017 Amsterdam, NL
Analyzing massive amount of behavioral data in the field of marketing research


1st place in EUHackathon


Machine Learning

After graduating from my Masters, I started to focus on working in ML related fields and after 1.5 years of professional experience I returned to academia to pursue a PhD. My day-to-day research still involves working closely with companies, but I have also TAd for courses, supervised MSc students and taught introductory programming.

Manual-lever espresso

I enjoy making good espresso with a 20 year-old La Pavoni

Recent Posts

Paper accepted to IncrLearn @ ICDM'20

Paper at IncrLearn

Preprint of illegal download paper available

Open Access is not a Panacea, even if it’s Radical – an Empirical Study on the Role of Shadow Libraries in Closing the Inequality of Knowledge Access. - Balazs Bodo, Daniel Antal, Zoltan Puha The preprint of our paper with Balazs Bodo and Daniel Antal is available and have been submitted for peer review.


SCECR 2019

Using the uncertainty of causal inference estimates to plan experiments.